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Wubildr file

Wubildr file

Name: Wubildr file

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separate /dev/sda8 that uses a Linux ext4 filesystem and that seems to have boot files; and you've got a BIOS-mode GRUB in the disk's MBR. Windows seems to work fine, but Ubuntu gives me the error and tells me Ubuntu cannot be loaded due to a missing file or file errors. The file corresponds to a grub legacy bootloader in the Master Boot Record. It is limited to scanning all partitions to find the rest of.

How can I access the Wubi files from Windows? . If you've deleted the C:\ wubildr file then you should be able to boot Windows normally. When i restart and choose Ubuntu it gives me a black screen saying there is some kind of problem with this file --> \ubuntu\winboot\ Locate the file \linuxmint\winboot\ and make sure exactly the same file is located on your Windows boot drive, very likely C.

Are you sure the mentioned file is there, under "unbuntu" folder? two backslashes now, let's see how it goes: ubuntu\winboot\ An error message similar to the ones above is listed, but the Try (hdx, y) message indicates a failed search for a different file (WUBILDR): Try (hd0,0): NTFS5: No. This fix has been confirmed by many different people, as it appears that in many cases the upgrade is corrupting the wubildr file. Otherwise.


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